Communities with a common need, connecting services with older adults.

3 Key Action Steps


local partners

Building a strong coalition starts with a small group of interested leaders that grows to a broad-reaching local coalition through collaboration, leadership, and ongoing interactions.




providers & professionals

A well connected infrastructure of aging supports begins with strong connections between providers. Navigation and referral functions often happen informally and rely on resourced, educated service providers to get the right information to older adults and their families.




The Community 

The ultimate goal of the Age Well Initiative is reach and equip people – helping them be more aware of, and connected to, resources in their community. Pilot communities found that it is best to take multiple approaches.



Welcome to the Silos to Circles Community Guide to Starting a Local Healthy Aging Initiative

This guide shows how four rural Minnesota communities organized locally to improve connections for healthy aging. It is structured around three principal action steps for a community-driven approach to increase awareness of, and connectivity to, resources that support aging adults, their families, and caregivers.

For videos of each pilot’s initiative, see Community Stories below.

The pilots are supported by the LeadingAge Minnesota Foundation and the Collective Action Lab. See About for more information.

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